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the left hand of god by paul hoffman.
news are coming.

theme 07 by asschlin: preview / download
  • simple as shit.
  • four custom links
  • accent colors
  • side info when you hover over posts. 

if something isn’t working, please let me know <3

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Please like or reblog if you download this psd. Don’t repost or claim as your own. Always remember: notes inspire us to make more for you. Download it here.

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  • coloringx007 by troianps; like or reblog if you download [x]

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Template by kisscolorful
  • Don’t copy or repass.
  • Please like/reblog if you use.

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PSD by lightsps number 971. His like or reblog is essential, such gesture made to motive to do more for you.

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▲ cumbvrbatch theme #16 (by benedictcumbvrbatch/cumbvrbatchthemes)

live preview | code

okay so this is my sixteenth theme, please like…. you know…. dont steal or repost cause i’ll be pissed and what not and then i will go all moriarty on your ass. the gizmos and stuff that it can do:

  • 5 custom links
  • 200x550 sidebar
  • 500px posts 
  • date, via and source button at bottom of post
  • pagination at side of page
  • customisable colours (white looks nice as well)
  • hover for links and description

please like/reblog if you’re using, thank you!

here are some of my other themes

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download fonts by wonderesources

psd #16 by wonderesourcesdownload

don’t redistribute or claim as your own;

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adjust the layers if you need;



♡ psd by yolopsds ♡ (photos by previewcolorings)

hey babe, please do not repost this post as your own, like or reblog. Now you can have the download. (xx) *:・゚✧*:・゚ 

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theme 02 
by akouos

  • four custom links
  • four more optional links
  • square 50x50 icon [auto adjusts]
  • 500px/400px posts
  • black or white audio player
  • hover/static option for post info
  • custom color options
  • custom ask action
  • jquery tooltips
  • optional webkit scrollbar

static preview | code |

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